Doug Going Photography

Girl in Jodhpur, India

Little Girl Blue

Jodhpur, India

Women Washing Clothes in Udaipur, IndiaA young girl stands before the colorful laundry hung out to dry in front of her home. In India, for the most part, laundry is still done the old fashioned way — beaten by hand by a dhobi wallah (clothes washer) by the banks of a river or lake. However, sometimes the water can be just as colorful as the clothes, so donít count on getting your whites white.

In all, the colors of India are truly a feast for the eyes, and the "blue city" of Jodhpur is no exception. Blue is traditionally the color of the Brahmin caste, but even non-Brahmins use the color to paint their homes, making the entire city glow an iridescent indigo when viewed from a distance. Curiously, the color is also said to act as a mosquito repellent.