Doug Going Photography

Doug GoingA native New Yorker, Doug Going developed a desire for world travel at an early age, but only recently has he begun to combine this interest with his passion for photography. His original interest was mostly in landscape photography, but he has since moved toward photographing the people who inhabit those very same lands. As he says, "It is the people who give a landscape its context and ultimately its true beauty."

Doug has a Bachelor's Degree in Communications and Media Arts from Adelphi University and currently works as a freelance photographer. His work as received state-funded grants and he is currently working on developing a documentary project. At the core of his creative expression is a simple goal — to capture an experience or a moment in time, and to transmit it to others so that they can share in it. His multi-media presentations are shown regularly at various public venues and have been instrumental in raising funds for such world concerns as the Asia earthquake and tsunami disaster. As he says, "During these times of both increasing world tensions and growing cultural diversification in our own neighborhoods, building bridges of understanding with people and cultures different from our own is very important." Knowledge leads to understanding and compassion, which then inspires action. He hopes his work inspires others to travel and experience for themselves the larger, complex and wonderful world we live in.