Doug Going Photography

Boy Selling Merchandise in Kathmandu, Nepal

Caught in the Middle

Kathmandu, Nepal

Girl Lacing Flowers in Kathmandu, NepalImagine kissing your child goodbye in the morning, but instead of going to school, they are off to work. Instead of a book bag, they are carrying a tray of items that he will be selling on the streets. On the busy streets of Kathmandu, choked with the fumes from the swarms of auto-rickshaws, this boy’s call, like that of a concessionaire at a baseball game, is heard loud and clear, "…lighters, toothbrushes, batteries…"

It is estimated that 80% of Nepal’s children work at least 14 hours a day, often under conditions far worse than what this boy has to endure. Due to extreme poverty, children are forced to earn money to pay for their own food. They are caught in the middle between the life of a child and that of an adult.